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The purpose of this web site is to present information and study material about what is generally called the afterlife. The age old question what happens when we die has been answered in countless ways, most notably by the religions. This turning of the after life experiences into religious terms is most unfortunate as we will see later.

Although the answers given differ in many ways, there are some common denominators. The most obvious ones are

  • We live on in some form or another
  • We retain some form of memory and basic characteristics
  • There are differences in the afterlife (hell, heaven…) depending on the quality of the life we have lived
  • Some form of judgement which determines the quality of that afterlife
  • We will probably receive information about the greater life from some or other deity or higher power
  • Its an eternal state, meaning once you arrived you are there for ever
  • You meet old friends and/or relatives who died before you

In other words, a pretty boring and seemingly useless condition, much like an old folks home.

The writers of this website have done extensive research for many decades in this subject. Reasons for this are not quite clear, other than a form of scientific curiosity. If there is any truth in it, we will be confronted with this some day, so why not do a bit of preparation.

I will not go into many details of my background other than the ones pertaining to this subject. Suffice is to say that I have a scientific background in both beta- and social sciences (psychology) a have done extensive studies in what I would like to call the ‘Ageless Wisdom Teachings’. I am retired and can spend time on this website and related things. I have been a teacher in my working life. I will consider to answer questions provided they are of any general use.

One thing that surprised me most is how much information is available once you start looking for it. That does not mean its simple or in any way prepared to be swallowed as apple pie. It takes time and the brain needs lots of training for it. Another thing that struck me is how much everything hangs together, is interdependent and seems so logical.

You will not find many pictures in the site for the simple reason that they don’t exist. Of course many artists over time have tried to create images which they envisioned as being some sort of representation of that afterlife. I will not attempt to introduce them here again for the simple reason that they are mostly incorrect and will steer your own thinking too much in one or other direction. I would like my readers to have an open mind and make up their own judgement.

I present no dogma, no religion and no monetary objectives are in any way involved. In other words, I don’t care if you believe it or not. I have compiled this information over a period of 30-40 years to my best ability and judgement and present it here for your consideration.

I find it important to do this in an orderly fashion, so you will not see lots of menu’s, but I adopted a step-by-step approach, more like a book so I can steer the way its presented. I am convinced that will help the reader to build up the needed new concepts in order to profit from it.

Please be aware that this website will never be finished and will always remain a work in progress. It will be updated and extended when needed and possible.

Don’t forget, one day, like everyone else, you will be gone from here and will stand like so many million of others bewildered in a totally new world with little or no background, but with the only certainty that you are not dead. But where on earth did you end up and what to do next.

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