Every human being on this planet has a free will.
Every human being (soul) incarnates on this planet out of free will.

This means no higher source or well advanced human will ever interfere in any initiative taken by a human soul.

Nothing can be done to curb that souls free will initiative without creating consequences.

No higher source will ever interfere in the time frame, place, or circumstance of a human incarnation. Its entirely the decision of the human soul, although the soul can ask for advice and often does.

However, this free will condition does not mean that every free will initiative of a human will succeed in achieving the objective of the actor or that every initiative is even possible. We are of course limited in the abilities to create our free will objectives.

Just as much as not every incarnation will meet the objectives of the souls contract as was set before the incarnation. Every incarnation has a purpose which is formalized in a contract. Of course once we are in incarnation this contract is not consciously remembered by the human. This is a natural provision to avoid curbing the free will. The soul must take its decisions purely on its inner concepts on a sub-conscious level of what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided. Not based on any knowledge of the contract.

In light of all this, it will be clear that a new born baby is not a blank slate, or even an innocent being. At best one can say it has not yet created new karma… As one put it, every incarnation is like a day in the life of an old man. Or to paraphrase it, every morning we wake up as a new born, but of course we carry the load of all previous days.

Interesting aspect is that at the end of every incarnation the results of the past live are compared with the initial contract to see how successful the incarnation was. Those points who were not accomplished need to be tried at some future incarnation. One repeats the mistakes over and over again until they are under control. That is one of the reasons why we all had thousands of incarnations on a three dimensional level on this planet, or any other planet we chose in the past.

The often heard lamenting “why does God allow this, or why does he not stop it?” usually referring to the misery people experienced or witnessed. The answer is simply, God will not or even cannot interfere in the free will of humans. Yes, God (however you see that) or any being having an advanced consciousness is bound by this law, the law of free will. When it comes to human action, their hands are tied. If he did decide to interfere in a free will situation, it probably results in karmic consequences.

That is also why so many advanced beings over the course of many ages incarnated as teachers. By teaching you leave the free will of the student in tact. He or she can accept or reject it. An often seen deformation is that over time followers of these teaching try to turn them into a set of rules by which people have to live. Which often lead to serious repercussions for those who chose to reject these rules. We have seen dramatic examples of this in Christianity and in these days of Islam. Again, as stated before, its the free will of people to follow these rules or not, although in many oppressive societies there is little choice. Some governments composed of not very advanced individuals uses these religious based rules to oppress and control the people because it’s a very effective tool.

Some of these teachers were (in no particular order) Jesus, Mohammed, The Buddha, Yogananda, Confucius, Krishna, Zoroaster, Krishnamurti, Sai Baba and many, many others. They were advanced people and incarnated as teachers, not religious founders.

Having said all that, there seems to be exceptions to this rule of free will. One being for instance, humanity is not permitted to destroy the planet, for instance by using atomic energy. Any attempt to use nuclear devices for destruction will be annihilated. How this is done is not covered in this article. Important to understand that on a cosmic scale there seems to be a limit to our human free will.

This does not mean there is no protection of humans. In fact there is a lot of protection of an individual soul by guardians appointed at birth. Or by guardians protecting the planet, or the solar system. This has been the case since the dawn of human evolution on this planet. We were never alone.

But even these guardians will never interfere in any free will act of a human or group of humans.

If you desire their help or advise, ASK! By asking or stating you demonstrate you ask their help out of free will. This a very important point.

Praying is a form of asking, although its often seen as a means of convincing the deity to act as desired by repeated praying. Or alternatively, seen as a means to make some sort of a deal, like if I take the effort of praying, then you have to do what I want. No deity needs your praying or worship, what they do need to help is your clear persistent decision of permitting to do so.

The whole point of this planetary evolution is that we must learn by experience, that is one main reason why we incarnate. If our free will was curbed, we would loose the opportunity to learn, because we will not be confronted by the results of our free will intentions.

Therefore, any act out of free will has its consequences. Either for good or for bad and we reap the results of our free will actions. This is the basis of another universal law, the Law of Karma. Without free will, karma would not be possible since we are not responsible for our actions.

Even mundane law recognizes the aspect of free will acting and the karmic results in the form of punishment. If for instance the person is mentally ill, the free will aspect might be partially or totally not applicable and hence punishment is reduced or for instance replaced by medical treatment.

These karmic results of free-will-acting can vary from almost immediately to spanning many life times, or even eons of time, depending on the severity of the results and the consciousness level and intentions of the actor. The higher the consciousness level of the actor, the consequences of his actions and choices are seen more clearly and hence the karmic results.

Important to remember is that anyone, no matter how serious the karma created, will always have another opportunity to set the score right, no matter how far away this is set in the future.

The false teachings of many religions in which one is send to a “hell for ever” for certain  misdemeanors is a serious lie and devised to control people by the clergy. Of course people choose out of free will to follow any religion, that’s the other side of it.

Karma is not an act of any deity, it’s a law like gravity. If you drop a ball it will always fall, no  need for any deity to make the ball fall. God does not punish, that’s another severe religious lie to control people. In fact our petty crimes are not at all causing any effect on these high levels. Nothing  in the deity can respond to this.

We are the criminals and we are the judges of our acts and consequently we punish ourselves by endless repeating the same acts in endless lives until we get the message. Think about it, if there is no one to judge you, how will you ever learn?

There comes a point in the evolution of every soul when sufficient awareness is developed to understand fully the implications of his actions and can handle the restrictions caused by it to avoid creating karma. In other words, a Master or deity will never take any action that will create new karma.

However that does not mean a Master or deity is free from any karma created in any past.

Evolution is a process of taking small steps to develop consciousness and work off old karma and avoid creating new. This is true for a human soul as well as for humanity as a group, a Planetary logos (sometime referred to as Gaia), solar logos or higher, however these conditions evades our average human understanding.

At the end of any incarnation, when we die, the soul presents us with a review of our past life. Its like a recap of what we did, for good or for bad. Since we no longer hampered by a slow and often malfunctioning brain, we see very clearly were we missed the mark. Not only that, we also feel what our free will deeds caused in other people, again for good or for bad. In fact we feel it as they did felt it at the time it occurred. This is often not a very pleasant since we experience again our mistakes and what it did to others.

It does not take a great leap to understand that can be a hellish experience if one behaved very cruel.

Depending on the point in evolution of the soul, this may or may not make much impression on a longer term. If it does not make any, then the next incarnation will probably see some form of a repetition of it. On the other hand in a more advanced being this may create a resolve to set things right for the next life. How much of that resolve is carried over when once again in incarnation remains to be seen of course.