So how can we know anything about the afterlife. No one came back right? Wrong, many came back, in fact many keep coming back again and again.

For instance those that claim they had a so called near death experience (NDE). Clinically dead, but apparently well aware of their circumstances and returning to full consciousness relating their experiences, often in great detail. Interesting part is that these experiences are often of similar nature. Bright lights, tunnel experience, meeting friendly people who talk to them and often even meeting deceased friends and family. But somehow it was not final, they did not die but returned to their body maintaining full memory of their experiences. Another common result is that these people claim their outlook on life has totally changed.

So this NDE seems a real experience. Some explain it away as some sort of last dreamlike experience or hallucination of the brain, but either way they were not dead, so they woke up again. I think the last part is true, they were not dead, because if they really were, return in full physical presence would be impossible. I will come back to the technicalities of that later.

Another well know instance of people coming back are the ghosts or spirits. People who have died, but managed for some or other reason to manifest themselves to the living. This can be done as a simple apparition or as manipulation of nearby objects to writing and even taking over and using the body of a living person.  Of course that is prone to error and interpretation.

Stories of appearing spirits are very common and from all times and all cultures. Its very hard to always dismiss them as hoaxes, fantasies, deliriums, drugs etc. Although its thinkable that these circumstances played in fact a role in inducing the appearing spirits. In certain cultures its claimed that so called medicine men can by using drugs and dance invoke spirits. Its difficult to explain this away a some primitive form of insanity and that the civilised world knows better. Many in this civilised world believe that a man could walk on water and water could be transformed into wine. From the outside this could also be seen as a mild form of insanity.

A third instance of people returning from the dead are those who claim they have lived before in certain areas and have vivid and detailed memories of happenings of that past in which they presumably played a role. This is often seen as an indication of a reincarnating spirit. In the west reincarnation is not a well accepted or understood phenomena, but in the Indian culture for instance its a very well accepted fact.

If indeed a spirit can reincarnate and has memories of a previous life, than of course life after death in whatever form is the most likely explanation.

Another way spirits could communicate is by using a real medium, someone who has the ability to hear and often see the spirit while most of us cannot. If that is really happening than that this can be a very good source of information coming from people who have died and took the trouble to communicate back aboiut their where about and afterlife circumstances.

In my opinion, after studying this for many years, the last option is the most reliable form we have. It involves an intermediary which of course is prone to error and misunderstanding, but its not entirely dependent on one person only. Many could listen to it and draw their conclusions based on what they already know either from the deceased, the medium or the content. Even better it becomes when the medium could give verifiable information like places, dates and events.

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